Dog Poo Removal

Dog Poo Removal

As a responsible dog owner I have the luxury of dog poo removal every day. I might even find myself doing this several times a day! It does not seem to matter if I go walkies morning noon or night, he will ‘park a snapper’.

So I do my little dog poo removal routine of turning the bag inside out and putting my hand in. While I place my bagged hand over the poo trying to get it all in one poo swoop, the dog has decided to continue with his walk pulling my down the road. I now have an open bag of pooch poo and a dog pulling me down the road as I am trying to tie the bag up one handed. I do all this while also trying not to breathe too!!

After the mission is complete I continue with my walk feeling proud I am not one of those that leave dog poo for the unfortunate to step, fall or ride in.

As I continue the walk looking for a dog waste disposal bin (that is not full) I start thinking on how this process could be improved. So when I got home I had a look on Amazon to see what I could find.

I made a purchase of a Dog Pooper Scooper. This looked perfect for my needs for dog poo removal in my poo removal

The pooper scooper is great for picking up doggy doo doo in my garden. I have a large dog and sometimes takes two or three scoops to get it all.

What about when i am out for a walk ? I can’t carry that around with me so bags seem the only option when out and about. I had another look on trusty Amazon and found this Retractable Lead Bag

As the reviews suggest this is very helpful to keep keys, treats, toys and poo bags in. You only have to hold the lead.

dog poo removal

It still does not solve having to carry your fully loaded bags around with you but it is very helpful for storage of other items on your walks.

This now brings me to the Dicky Bag Dog Waste Bag. I do not own one of these as it would be something else to carry. I am lucky enough to have a few dog waste bins where I walk or i could always double bag and put it in a normal public waste bin. If you are not so lucky then a Dicky Bag Dog Waste Bag could be the thing for you. Take a look the reviews are great.

So keep on scooping the poop people and be a proud dog owner.

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