Cheapest Patio Flooring Ideas

Summer is just around the corner, and that means spending long evenings outside on your patio. But is your patio a welcome, homey space, or is it just a concrete slab with some furniture on top? Fortunately, there are a variety of inexpensive ways to cover concrete patios, so you can make the most of your outdoor space.

The Types of Patio Flooring

There are many types of patio flooring, so the first step is to determine what style you want, and what will best fit your pre-existing space. Once that decision is made, the options for patio flooring are fairly endless.     One of the most popular cheap patio ideas is a paver patio.

Paver Patio’s

Paver Patio

Paver patios come in many styles, but they all come down to installing concrete pavers to cover a large area of your backyard. A complete paver patio is a large area completely covered by concrete stones to create a uniform area similar to a deck. The stones can be installed in many different patterns so that you can get exactly the look you want. Lowe’s has a great article and video on installing this type of patio flooring, as well as variations on potential style.     Paver patios are not limited to close packed stones laid over a large area.

Larger Stone Paver Patio

Another paver-based patio flooring option is to use larger stones laid out in patterns with space between the stones. This style can be done with a modern approach, such as randomly laying stones of various sizes across a large bed of granite or builder’s sand. This style works well with circular stones and a random pattern to create a more organic feel for your patio area. Alternatively, you can lay large square stones in a grid, like tile, with uniform space between all of the stones, for a more modern architectural style. Ashley Brooke Designs has a great blog post outlining how to install this patio flooring.

DIY Patio Flooring

If you like the idea of a paver patio, but aren’t interested in purchasing all those stones, you can always go full DIY and make your own!

DIY Patio’s

Concrete Mold Patio

Many concrete manufacturers sell reusable plastic moulds that you can use to create your own patio flooring. In terms of inexpensive ways to cover a concrete patio, this is at the top, but it will take a lot more of your time. This option can also be customised in many ways, because you skip the reusable mould and make your own. If you want to create one of the over sized paver layouts, you can create and lay out your own moulds in your patio space, and pour concrete directly into the moulds for a fully on-site installation.

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Brick Paver Patio

Pavers don’t have to be plain stone, however. If you are interested in a more classical style, you can install bricks to evoke a colonial style.

Or, you can purchase decorative concrete tiles, and install them in crushed granite or builders sand for a completely unique, stylised look.

Don’t Want Concrete?

Maybe you’re sick of the concrete look and want to change it up, or pursue a more organic style. In that case, there are many options for wood or synthetic wood decking that are easy to work with and mesh well with any outdoor space.

Organic Patio’s

Wooden Patio

The simplest option for a wood patio is to just lay a wood decking system over a concrete slab. You could always build your own deck, but home improvement stores offer decking systems that are easy to set up, easy to install, and in many cases can be done in a day. The wood in these systems is usually synthetic, meaning no wear, tear, or weathering issues you would have with a traditional wooden deck, with no loss of style.

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Interlocking Deck Patio

If you’re not interested in a traditional deck look with long wooden slats, you can buy interlocking deck tiles for alternating grid patterns, or perhaps a herringbone style. Home Depot has a great explainer on these types of deck systems.

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Your Patio Project

Finally, if you are interested in a more Eco-conscious option for your patio flooring, you can purchase outdoor rubber tiles and install them directly on top of your concrete pad. These tiles and mats come in a variety of styles, from stone paver to brick, so you can emulate any of the styles listed above, while still supporting recycling efforts.     No matter what style you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of these cheap patio ideas, so get out there and get your yard ready for summer today!